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That is, the basic questions these studies asked were if you knew the astrological data about a particular person, but nothing else about them, would you then be able to describe characteristics of that person and their life which would be a useful and valid description of that person, over and above generalities?

Did I just do a psychic reading on you Jeff? Or was it on Phil? Or for David?

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Or you, Dear Reader? Who is going to object to being so positively and hopefully characterized? In general these kinds of readings are full of generalities that really apply to almost everybody. Now, switching to the opposite position, no longer the general scientific view but from the perspective of scientific parapsychology, I will say there is strong evidence that some people have strong psychic abilities, ESP, to read other people.

In Prof. Suryanarain Raos chart, we have seen how Jupiter was considerably stronger than Mercury, leading to a dominance of the astrological side over that of the mathematical. In the present chart the process is reversed with the predominance of Mercury over Jupiter leading to a neglect of astrology.


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This is confirmed by the fact that Jupiter and Venus occupy the asterisms of Rahu and Saturn respectively. The ambition in life of the native is to achieve unanimity in the different systems adopted by the Hindu Panchanga makers. He looks forward to the day when a single ayanamsa will be adopted by the entire community of Hindu astrologers and Panchanga makers. I personally feel he will achieve success in his noble ambition, thanks to the strength of the Ascendant lord and the Moon karaka for ambition.

Chart 6 is that of a famous Madras Astrologer. In this chart peculiarly none of the given astrological rules apply to the Rasi chart. However Rules A and Q apply to the Navamsa. The association of Mercury, Jupiter and the Moon with the lord of the 2nd in the 11th in Rasi chart and lord of the 5th intuition in the ascendant and the 5th occupied by Mokshakaraka Ketu and aspected by Mercury, Jupiter and the Moon from the 11th have made the native an extraordinarily capable and talented astrologer.

Note that almost all planets occupy the two houses, the 11th and the 12th. The native is well versed in ancient Shastras and an adept in Tantra and Mantra Shastras. He is noted for remedial measures and preparation of Talismans and Kavachas according to Shastras. I think Saturn who occupies the asterism of Ketu and who is in the 11th being lord of the Ascendant and the 2nd house with Ketu in the 5th accounts for the natives specialization in the occult and mystic side of astrology.

In Chart No. Thus Mr Huggins findings are confirmed in 6 out of 7 horoscopes discussed herein. I may be permitted to add here one more function of Ketu in the 5th assigned in the ancient Hindu treatises: Ketu destroys issues or children either wholly or partly in the 5th and the Shastras attribute this to serpents curse. This assignment of Ketu is fulfilled amply in all the six charts mentioned above where he is in the 5th.

P is one. Thus while the serpent power represented by Ketu bestows on the native the power of extra sensory perception or occult and mystic gifts of intuition, it is destructive to the 5th Bhava in so far as it relates to issues or children. Perhaps destiny compensates for the efficiency in one sphere of activity by deficiency in another!

Chart No 7 is that of an erstwhile Office Superintendent of mine, who had the power of E. P developed well and whose psychic capabilities were remarkable. As this publisher has in his possession a chart where the said native has displayed minor stunning predictive abilities like twice on blind charts he predicted the name of chart holder and at times gets intuition that in 5 minutes so and so person will call up, it happens multiple times in a day and it has been happening since Let us test this further please.

This man who shunned publicity out of modesty, was an amateur and, therefore, was not very widely known to the outside world; nevertheless, in my humble opinion, deserves to be ranked among the foremost of astrologers. He had mastered all the classical texts on astrology and when you had a doubt and asked him, he would come out with the appropriate shloka from such diverse and varied authorities as Jataka Chandrika, Brihat Jataka, Uttara Kalamrita or Phaladeepika, followed by his inimitable definition and explanation which could do credit to an ancient commentator like Bhattotpala.

His achievements will speak for themselves and I was myself witness to some of his outstanding and uncanny predictions.

Moon Yantra Talisman Pendant with Perimeter

Day by day the military situation became serious, with newspapers carrying big headlines of the advances of the enemy and the reverses of our troops. In Parliament there was a big uproar which was echoed in the Congress Working Committee. News came that the Chinese had crossed the Sela Pass and were on the threshold of the plains of Assam.

There were demands for the resignation of the Defense Minister. It was 10 a. Myself and my colleagues were sitting opposite to the Superintendent in the office. Naturally as any other patriotic Indian, we were worried over the outcome of the war. First, Saraswathi Yoga is present opinion, will be the outcome of the war?

Also Hamsa Yoga and Sasa worry. There will be a cease fire in another Yoga are present. Rule J of Satyacharya four weeks. The Moon, nobody could even imagine that such a thing though debilitated in Rasi, obtains was feasible. And we all received a pleasant Neechabhanga. Rule M of Veemakavi also shock, when, exactly in four weeks, on the applies.

Moon with Saturn, Rule Q of the same text On another occasion, my marriage applies to the letter. Note Ketu is in the 5th negotiations were taking place and the from the Ascendant aspected by Jupiter. The next morning at 10 a. I with his fluency and was listened to with attended the office as usual. The rapt attention and respect. When he spoke in negotiations of the previous night were a lighter vein his speech was replete with known only to the members of our family alliteration and similes. There was no used his tongue as a weapon with bitter chance by any stretch of imagination of this sarcasm and felled many a powerful man knowing the information, since he lived opponent.

Note Venus is in the 2nd in the in a place some 25 miles away, and none of house of an enemy and also associated in us could possibly leak out the information in Navamsa with the Sun and Ketu in the 2nd. It may face. Negotiations for your marriage are be seen that one or more of the rules apply to under way and you will get married in two all the horoscopes under reference.

From months. The Vedic AstroSignature. Welcome to my first AstroDatabank research post. For this first column, I thought it would be fun to advance an AstroSignature for astrologers. She served on the theories and observations? She also new release 4. I wanted position for four years. Her web address is to test the common assumption that www.

There can be no better teacher than her into I found many of the statistically the ever confusing area of research significant findings quite intriguing. Here astrology. The chart dynamics of an experimental group of professional astrologers the same group of astrologers used to develop the Western signature were compared those of a control group of generated by the AstroDatabank software.

I was curious if one would work better than the other. For the most part however, this might be termed assumption less research. I allowed the factor analysis reports to tell me what was found with significantly greater frequency in the charts of the astrologers as compared to the charts of the control group. Following is a list of the factors evaluated for this project using the AstroDatabank 4. The source of the data used in this project was supplied by AstroDatabank. Its release 4.

From this group, astrologers were hand selected for this research project. While the control group generated by AstroDatabank does not represent birth charts of real people and therefore might generate a chart perfect for an aspiring astrologer , the greatest advantage of this control group is it helps us quickly identify what astrological factors occur more frequently than by chance in the charts of astrologers as compared to a group of charts ten times greater than the number of records in the experimental group.

In creating the control group, the year, time and place were replicated while shuffling the data independently. The factor analysis feature in AstroDatabank 4. I reviewed Vedic texts to identify some of the yogas asserted to be found in the natal charts of astrologers. In essence, the yogas are analogous to the AstroSignature because both refer to specific chart dynamics that define specific orientations or conditions—such as the inclination to earn a living as an astrologer.

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Additionally, Juliana Swanson, an astrologer in Massachusetts, was kind enough to email me some unique yogas asserted by Vinay Aditya 4 in his book, Dots of Destiny: Applications of Ashtakavarga. Ashtakavarga is one such system that evaluates strength by using a complex system of assigning points called bindus. There may be exceptions, for example, if Mercury is in its exalted sign, it may have less bindus.

The ADB software does not include a system for scoring strengths as one of its features, so I was unable to test this assertion. Additionally, I did not test yogas that referenced the navamsa chart the ninth harmonic chart. I was able to evaluate other assertions. For example, Juliana sent me another quote from Vinay Aditya that guided my investigation just as Uranus and the ruler of the 11th were closely examined while analyzing the tropical data.

It is:. In Vedic astrology, Mercury is the planet of astrology, along with Jupiter, due to their rulership of 5 intellectual reasoning, intelligence, speech, computation and knowledge of scriptures. Similarly, James Braha asserts that it is common for the greatest Hindu astrologers to have been 6 born with a powerfully disposed Moon memory and 2nd house knowledge. It was difficult to determine the overall strength of the second house. What was evaluated in this study were placements in the 2nd house, the placement of the ruler of the 2nd house and aspects to and from ruler of the 2nd house.

Another common technique used by Vedic astrologers to evaluate planetary strength is called Shad Bala. Like Ashtakavarga it is a complex system that evaluates planetary strength. Shad Bala is based on six criteria: natural strength, motion, position, aspect, direction and time. Evaluation of the positional strength of a planet includes analysis of its dignity by sign. In this study, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter were analyzed for placement in 7 their rulership, exaltation, fall and moolatrikona sign and degree.

The following table displays the totals derived from this analysis. As the table shows, having the Moon in Taurus is found significantly more often in the astrologers charts and this is included in the Vedic signature along with Moon in Aquarius, the only other sign where the Moon demonstrated significance by placement. Mercury did not demonstrate significance by dignity but it did demonstrate significance in sidereal Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn. Jupiter demonstrated no significant difference with its placement by sign. The rules governing this evaluation must take into consideration that both Jupiter and Mercury are able to rule two houses and one might be a benefic house and the other a malefic house.

In general though, any planet ruling the 1st, 5th, or 9th house is considered a beneficial influence in the chart and that can be determined quite simply by rising sign. For example, the Moon rules house 1, 5, or 9 when one of the water signs is rising and would be treated as a benefic in the natal horoscope. Mercury is a benefic for Taurus rules 5th , Gemini rules 1st , Virgo rules 1st , Libra rules 9th , Capricorn rules 9th and Aquarius rules 5th Ascendants. The table below shows the result of determining whether Moon, Mercury and Jupiter carry a beneficial influence more often in the charts of astrologers than they do in the control group.

Since none of the rising signs demonstrated significance on their own, I treated the rising signs in groups for this analysis. Note that both Moon and Jupiter are beneficial for individuals with Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces rising and Jupiter is also a benefic for Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius rising and having any one of these six signs rising does occur more frequently in the charts of the astrologers. Additionally, the review of yogas uncovered a few other assertions I felt were pertinent to 8 the practice of astrology.

Both planets are mental influences and therefore whenever they aspect each other in any way an extreme intellectual nature is conferred. This was tested using the special aspects Saturn and Mars are able to make and evaluated separately, i. The Vedic signature for astrologers includes 30 rules and is presented in Table 1.

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The tropical signature contained 40 rules and therefore the scores on that signature are higher than the scores earned on this Vedic signature. This difference is primarily a result of a reduction in the number of rules referring to aspects because there were many more aspects to consider from the tropical perspective. The average score earned by the astrologers on the Vedic AstroSignature was 9. The average score achieved by the control group was 5. When we compare the two signatures, the Vedic signature demonstrates a slightly greater difference in average signature score However, the tropical signature did a better job of distinguishing the experimental group from the control group.

And, as one more tidbit of food for your mind to digest, consider this: some of the astrologers scoring highest on this Vedic signature scored at the lower end of the tropical signature and vice versa. This realization led me to consider if a composite average might be a useful measure for those aspiring astrologers scoring below the average on either of the signatures. That is, the average signature score for both the Vedic and Tropical signatures could be added together and then divided by two to compute a composite average signature score.

For example, the average signature score for the tropical signature was We divide that by two to get an average composite signature score of First, aspects exist within the 30 degrees of the whole sign—there is no orb of influence. Additionally, not all aspects are mutual. These were the only aspects analyzed in this project. The 27 nakshatras represent the division of the zodiac into three groups of nine sections of 13 degrees, 20 minutes each.

Placements by nakshatra were included in this investigation. The Lahiri ayanamsa is one of the commonly used ayanamsas. N adis are one of the most ancient literature on astrology at times written by Sages and at times by stalwarts of astrology who named it after a planet or a diety. In this space we translate one such unheard of nadi called Guru Nadi.

Guru Nadi is obviously written by Achyuta as is evident from the manuscript and is part of Deva Keralam. Chandrashekhar Sharma, from Nagpur, Unfortunately it did not get translated and the public at large remained a stranger to has translated the first two pages and sent it. Guru nadi was never published but its us to be posted on the web, so that other manuscript was copied by P.

Mahantadevana on 11th May , perhaps Chandrashekharji has also promised to from Oriental Library Madras, and was translate rest of the pages over time. He has kindly made available to "Saptarishis also asked us to make it clear that if there is Astrology" by a student of Late C. Chandrashekharji is the of Saptarishis Astrology website. Some letters ae difficult to decipher in the manuscript, but I have tried to keep the logic in the same fashion as it appears.

Bhoot sankhya is used in the calculations given in. I am sure there can be other interpretation of the text as Sanskrit uses many similies, encrypts and allegories. So if there is any mistake in the translation, the blame for that lies with me alone. If you are pleased with my efforts and you want to grant me a boon. I shall tell you that which you have prayed for and desire to know. The most thrilling moment came later when we learnt that one of the names of Lord Shiva is Chandrashekhar, the name of our respected translator. The study of calculations of the exact degrees of the grahas together with bhavas and upagrahas in this shastra should be learnt correctly from the mouth of Guru from Guru himself.

We have started the translations of the Saptarishis Nadi wherein for Each Ascendant there are nearly pages equaling pages in all. We request all Tamil speaking heart. He was first asked to by heart the scholars to come forward and help us in this herculean task. After 3 years of teaching only a Rishi as given in Saptarishis Nadi then BPHS he was then taught Jaimini Sutras by astrologers should not miss it and use this the age of Saptarishis Astrology has cannot give.

Maharishi Athri replies to the queries raised by Goddess Parvati on various positions of planets in the chart at the time of birth. The native of this chart lives in a street running east to west and the main door of the house facing south. On the western side, there is a junction of four roads, a Shiva temple, a temple for Goddess Kali and a temple for Lord Ganesha. Nearby there is a garden and a large deep well. To the south west side of the house there will be a Mariamman temple and a temple of Lord Vishnu. On the eastern side there will be another Vinayakar Lord Ganesa temple.

On the opposite side of the house there will be no houses. In such a small place, this male native will give birth. We will tell about the fortunes and the previous birth details of his father, mother, coming wife and children. Details of the elder brother of father : Black like the colour of Thirumal Vishnu ; Lean body; incapable of talking in public. A modest person; A patient man; Filled with love and affection to others ; Will not talk insolently; not getting lazy in work; has good manners; devoted towards Lord Shiva; We will say that because of his wife good fortunes will come.

He will have one wife only. We will tell about the progeny Puthra Bhava. There will be four male issues; there will be no female issues. As he has to perform the last rites of the adopted parents, he goes and stays with them. Because of that there will be a big litigation; then he will get the estates. Has the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Further, listen. Has the desire to offer food to others and has the capacity to do so; will protect those who went to him or supported him. Will conquer enemies. Vishnu Rekha1 Line of Vishnu Has faded color; lean body; keeps secrets; will acquire education; does not have association of low class people; capable of getting into relationship; can get in to close association with any one especially with women, confirmed in verse 13 gives alms and gifts; will get a good name from everybody; good to everyone capable of talking sweetly; has wealth like fine gold etc.

Interested in eating sour tasty foods; will increase the fertile lands; has no bad characters; has much cattle, sheep like quadruped animals; very much interested in prostitutes; will not speak unwanted words; dear to wife; liked by relatives. Very much, more on the side of adulation. We will tell about the siblings of the native. We say that he will have one brother and two sisters. The brother is younger to the native. We will tell about his brother. Please listen. Has good luck. We will tell at a later part. We will tell about the loving first sister. Lives without any difficulties; has less progeny ; sons actually words are sweet like sugarcane; dear to husband.

Because of the wrong deeds in the previous birth, she will not get children. Publishers Notes: Readers, who are averse to remedial measures, can observe that Rishi stresses on remedial measure of 9 planets yagya and an amulet for child birth. Parvati asked, How to perform the Shanti? In the house where she was born i.

And then the balance letters must be meditated and recited and then if she wears that, all the bad karmas or deeds will leave and children will be born — Thus we say. Parvati Devi! The homa is done to appease the nine planets i. Every planet has its own importance. Sun is the king of planets, which gives health. Moon is the planet, which rules over mind and gives success. Mars or Mangala is the planet, which gives prosperity and wealth.

Mercury is the planet which gives knowledge, Jupiter gives education, Venus gives the knowledge of art, music etc. Saturn gives happiness and also teaches vairagya. Rahu makes the life stronger. Ketu prospers the family. Navagraha homam is used to remove Doshas or reduce the effect by appeasing these planets. By doing this homa, navagraha doshas are removed and good results will accrue is what the Rishi wants to convey.

The continuous chanting of this seed mantra bestows great benefits. Bijakshara Mantra is different for different deities. It consists of a single syllable or a combination 2 or more syllables like — Ohm, Hrim, Kleem etc. This is always followed by other. What the Rishi states here is that the Bijakshara Mantra as applicable to Goddess Shakthi should be inscribed in the Silver plate selected for the purpose and the remaining mantras should be recited.

Mantra Shastra is a vast subject, my job is only translation, and so I cannot transgress my limitations. Just for the knowledge of the readers, I pointed out some of the meanings as available in Mantra Shastra. We will tell the news of the second sister. She is deceitless; living comfortably in her birth house; walks fast; has much wealth; No cheating ideas in mind; after marriage will go with her husband and live separately. We will say that she will have long life. Penance doing Parvati! It appears that one line in this verse is missing. We say that the age of marriage of the native is His wife will come from the northern direction from his house.

We will tell about her character. Regarding luck, having virtue being possessed by the wife, maybe it is due to the aspect of Jupiter on Moon which is giving that but at the same time, Jupiter is badhak lord and Saturn also aspects this Moon, so how this is being indicated is a mystery like many other readings of Sages. To add further thought why badhakesh Jupiter sitting in the 1H has given early marriage at age of 21 is a mystery but on second thoughts maybe 21 was a late marriage scene in those olden days.

Will have the habit of offering food to the poor; She will be behaving with goodness with all. Dear to her husband; has good manners and conduct; has all sorts of happiness and prosperity; after her marriage and when she reaches her husband, incomparable wealth will be accumulated. Will have two sons and two daughters and they will be with long life. Further three will be born but will pass away. Mother of Lord Ganesha! Mother Of Native Mother will be of faded color; has no secrets; bilious body; faultless; has the good habit of behaving according to the wishes of her husband.

Out of three siblings two will die. One will be steady. We will tell about her previous birth. Parvati, Wife of Lord Shiva asked: You said that her siblings would be lost. You also said that she would be wandering. What is the reason for that? Listen Rishis started telling. In the previous birth, when she was living comfortably, one day a Rishi came and asked for a vessel for cooking food. She also gave a vessel made of pot mud pot Rishi also cooked in that vessel.

When the rice was boiling, the vessel broke. All the boiled rice fell to the ground. When seeing this, the Rishi cursed that her house will be destroyed and her lineage will not prosper. That curse continued and reached her in this birth. Will live by getting lot of wealth. We will tell about the history of the previous birth of the father. In the previous birth, he was born in the same race in Puducheri town Now called as Pondicherry. When he was living with wife and children, after constructing a big house, having done big business in the world and praised by all people in the world,.

We will tell about the curse that came upon him. While leaving this birth, she said that in the next birth, I would take birth in your race; I will quickly create enmity, and will create great loss of money. In the last days after getting easy death, spontaneous death without prolonged illness or suffering. She was born again — like we said. That girl also gave birth in this race, later became enemy. As we said, father will be a wise man. A pious man; will have mature understanding; interested in sustaining and protecting dharmic thoughts, controls his words; has submissive qualities.

For the mother the death will be in his 38th year. Giver of the elephant headed God to the world! Listen and oh! The most compassionate and merciful! Mothers Death: At the age of 38 the Rishi says his mother will die. On the New Moon day, died because of bilious disease.

Worshipper of the people doing great penance! Publishers Notes: Death Of Native: 8L of death Saturn who is natural karaka of death, it goes into 12H of Exit along with Ketu forming a very malefic combination, the 12house denotes 12th, 24th, 36, 48, 60th year hence death happened, also Saturn would have completed his double round. We will tell about the previous birth of the native. He was dear to the Brahmins, and was doing service to Lord Shiva. This is the place where Lord Shiva and Mother Kaali danced to find out who was the better among the two. He will take birth in the family of Brahmin knowing Vedas, in Kancheepuram.

We will say he will live with nothing in want. He shall live With luck,. Will not go back on his promises. Will have eloquence, will have increased grains from his field ; doing agriculture, 5he will increase the wealth of his father. According to The Lal Kitab System Of Prediction, when planet Sun [Suraj — Tappasavi Raja] is placed in 1st house of horoscope of a person, which can be confirmed by looking at the position of Sun Line [Suraj Rekha] which is restricted to the mount of Sun [Suraj Ka Burj] only, or there is a sign of Star [Suraj Ka Sitara] on that mount, or by simply looking at that person, who is slim [not weak] in structure, wheatish [neither black nor white] in complexion with glowing attractive eyes with long face and all his body parts are present in perfect working condition, not disabled [Suraj Parbal Ka Insaan or a person who is governed by Sun], that person is empowered with a capacity to rule as a King, he will become rich with self efforts and still will have no attachment with money [Laxmi].

He will lend help to his father, follower of old ancestral traditions, will do all for his children, but will demand nothing from them in return. Native will live a happy prosperous life with very good health and all his body parts will be in working order till his end, will be benefited from Govt. The native will be shining like the Sun in connection with his fate, will be blessed with the of habit of doing charity, which will be the foundation of his rising state, whereas on the contrary when he starts accepting charity, his downfall will start.

He will be hot like Sun in his temper, and when pressed by worldly people by creating obstacles in his way to progress, he shines much more and becomes hotter but his enemies suffer a lot on the other hand. The native will be of good moral character and remain away from dirty love affairs and bad sexual relations [if such person performs sexual act during day time, this will give adverse effects on the health of that person]. As lord Vishnu controls planet sun, so possessor of such signs of sun is blessed with the above qualities as quoted in Vishnu Rekha.

If Vishnu Rekha is mentioned somewhere else. In the previous verse, the Rishi states that the native will be born in a family of a Brahmana. A Brahmin does not cultivate lands. Yet the Rishi states that the native will cultivate in order to increase his granary storage. This needs thinking. So, possessor of Vishnu Rekha will behave in this world just like Sun, which gives light to this world, is hot, well disciplined, very punctual, never deviates from its path and who never sets down, when we say Sun Set, it is the movement of Sun, just away from us, but Sun keeps shining always somewhere at another place.

A strologers from very ancient times have warned us that the appearance of comets is a very special event with many portents for the world and mundane affairs. We have observed her readings Brihat Samhita, an encyclopaedia of for years on various forums; she possesses the astrological knowledge originally compiled special ability to do readings with utmost by Varamahira approx AD has a compassion coupled with her astonishing chapter on comets. It tells us how Al intuition. Currently she is studying astro Biruni, the Arab astrologer of worldwide meteorology, in between enjoying reputation in his day, admired the delivering astrology features to a wide vigilance of Hindu astrologers in 'devising range of media, and giving personal jyotish theories and methods of' great subtlety and readings.

She is from Old English Yorkshire of great length. Two significant phrases from the above extract spring out at this time of the appearance of Lulin, the new comet expected to orbit closest to 1 earth on February 24th. B rihat Samhita tells us that the effects of the comet are to be told through the 'positions of its appearance and setting, contact with planets or asterisms, smoky mantle and colours' Lulin rises quite a few hours before the Sun and by 24th February, when it makes the closest encounter with earth, it will be not only be opposite the Sun's position but will pass the place reserved for the Full Moon on 11th March at 26 degrees of constellation Leo, by which time the comet will itself be in constellation Cancer.

These two constellations Leo and Cancer, and their rulers Sun and Moon, seem particularly significant for Lulin, but more of this later. The Indian treatise goes on to list the many different appearances of various comets noted, including references to sun spots witnessed, along with the results to be expected at the passing of these portents near the earth's hemisphere. Happily we are told not all Ketus are evil as some augur well for the world Lulin is moving from the southern to the northern Photo of comet Lulin by kind permission of Jack Newton 1 www.

Could Lulin be one of the 65 comets classified as Vikaca by ancient seers and which are said to have a single white star, are bereft of a crest and be a child of Jupiter? The size of the comet has been compared to planet Jupiter already. These Vikacas are glossy, appear in the south and are dreadful in effect. Or perhaps it could be the comet named Kapalaketu because it does fit the description of being visible during Amavasya or New Moon, as we get the best view of it on 24th February the day before the New Moon at twelve degrees Aquarius.

The Kapalaketu have rays and crest which are smokey coloured rather than luminous green however, and travel half the heavens, and are an omen of famine, pestilence, drought and diseases. The Brihat Samhita gives strong indications of what will happened when the smokey tail of the comet touches certain asterisms and warns us of what effects were expected in ancient times, for example if the smokey tail affects Visakha, as it did on 6th February when close to the star Zubenelgenubi the bright star at the tip of the scales of Libra constellation we are told ancient seers would expect the 'chiefs of Iksvakus and the city of Ilaka will be killed.

It is difficult to use Brihat Samhita as a reference for locating a description of comet Lulin, and its effects. These ancient astrologers did track the nature of comets, classify them and note their course and likely time of reoccurrence knowing some return visits would not repeat until after years. Sadly none of the descriptions of comets in the encyclopaedia refer to a luminous green one.

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Clearly however, the use of comets in ancient cultures was one of the methods used perhaps even by biblical seers who we know used the Moon, eclipses and planetary transits to foretell the rise fall and destruction of various ancient regions. Lulin is described by NASA as potentially making its first visit ever to the inner solar system, so perhaps this is why it becomes difficult to find any pre recorded reference. We don't know when or if it will appear again, nor have we got any foregoing sojourns with which to establish what events on earth may coincide with its appearance so close to our world.

I do find that comets can help us understand events in mundane astrology if only we take time to track their passage.

For instance Tempel 1 caused a stir at its appearance and with a little bit of research I was amazed at the coincidence of its passage with a certain consistency of events of importance here on earth The Tempel 1 orbital journey is half that of Jupiter, taking only just under six years to complete, and so has a 2. Not only that, every so often Jupiter' nudges' this comet, causing it to move over slightly in its passage. Further, the comet crosses over the orbital path of Mars. Given the link with these two planets and the comet I looked up a few of the coincidence of events with this comet's passage in close proximity to earth, and its close proximity to Jupiter, and found an unexpected but interesting pattern emerging: Nov Washington first President of US.

However it is only recently that the comet has become visible to the naked eye and it is the first sighting of the naked eye, and noting the position of the planet in constellations which are the important times for the astrologer to note. The rising and setting should also be taken into account, and length of appearance in the sky. Lulin rises in the west hours before the Sun. It will arrive at a 38 million mile distance from our planet before moving on. Mars was Unfortunately there isn't any history to inform us of what went before with regard to the pathway of comet Lulin.

We can only look at what is happening on our planet now to see what legacy the comet will leave behind for us to remember and associate with it and hopefully pass on to future astrologers. Lulin passes through the constellation Leo during the time when it will be most visible to the naked eye. Leo is a fiery sign and stands for royalty, banks, worship, pride, entertainment, children, investment, gambling and risk taking. These are just a few of the significations of the sign Leo. I find it significant that as the time for closest approach to earth arrives, the banking systems around the world are under scrutiny for taking risks with money entrusted to their institutions.

Billionaire investors lost fortunes in the scheme with at least one taking his life as a result. In the UK bankers who got caught up in get rich quick schemes are now being brought to account for their dubious handling of packages of toxic subprime mortgage deals packaged in America. The ordinary saver or investor with limited funds for perhaps pensions or health treatment have seen their hope of ever getting it back completely wrecked, due to irresponsible gambling with that money by the bankers who saw fit to use it like chips on the table at the casino.

The most extraordinary situation of these financiers justifying royal fortunes for their salary on the grounds that they were taking great risks is finally being seen as delusional empty, pompous and arrogant excuses with no foundation in reality. Greed and avarice have been allowed to reign during the years of the war against so called terrorism. Such delusional reasoning for the squandering of money is not just limited to the UK or the US. Iceland is on its knees due to one of its key financiers acting in the same profligate manner, and undoubtedly there are many other stories all around the globe where similar practices have ruined not just the wealthy but also the ordinary man who once thought banks were safe places to keep hard earned and honestly acquired savings safe.

All three of these planets, Jupiter, Sun and Moon are significations for wealth, and Leo is the sign of banks. Jupiter is the significator for the treasury, Moon is the significator for money and of the masses, and Sun is the karakatwa for gold and wealth. Sadly the current situation we are all facing on the globe is a crisis of extreme covetousness and the worship of Mammon taken to excess by a handful of pathologically greedy people.

Comet Lulin is an ethereal luminous green colour, a colour mostly associated with jealousy and bile. Certainly the world scandal today is tinged with the anger or bile of the masses of honest people amazed at the greed, cunning and lack of integrity of a few gambling men who stopped at nothing to worship Mammon. These corrupt bankers and financiers became so jealous of the wealthy that they stopped at nothing while coveting billions of pounds entrusted to their care.

Carelessness with resources has also added to devastation on the planet. Sea waters are polluted by oil tanker spillage, refuse and chemicals and even eight US nuclear missiles now lying at the bottom of the seabed along the coast of Greenland. Lulin is a similar green to the phosphorous colour of polonium used in nuclear weapons……………could the comet be a major significator for the nuclear coming of age? Whether we agree with the faulty science behind the global warming campaign or not it is clear that the race to control the global economy and world markets has set up an imbalance in the human relationship with the environment, and between nations.

This happened in the USA after a gap of 10 years. Last time, the octuplets were born in and one of them passed away after one week. This time it happened on the morning of January 26 on the day of solar eclipse in Bellflower, California. Overall, they were six boys and two. He worked as a Software Engineer for Astrology were applicable to this case as over 22 years in both Indian as well as large well or not. Though the rules were defined MNC companies. He did on-site software for twins, it should cover multiple births as development work at Switzerland for a few well.

Those rules have been reproduced here years. He took voluntary retirement in for ready reference: December Since then, he is pursuing the study of Astrology which is one of his interests. The author is particularly interested in Medical Astrology and has already published articles giving special combinations for Diabetes both Type-I and Type-II and severe Dandruff problems that could be identified from natal charts. His other interest being Poetry; has published a poetry collection in local language Kannada in Take a look at the Lagna lord or its dispositor.

One of the two following conditions can be seen: [Rule 1] a. LL or its dispositor disposits its own Rasi dispositor in Constellation mixed Parivartana? LL and its dispositor are closely conjunct or, could it be within one nakshatra pada 2. Lord of 11 house representing multiplicity or the karaka of 11th house Jupiter influences th. Lagna or Lagna Lord by ownership or by conjunction or by graha drishti. Rule specific for identical twins [Rule 3]: a.

The 3rd lord and 11th lord are in close conjunction, hardly 1 degree apart! Since it is a clear case of fraternal twins, the third rule need not be looked into. The birth details of the first twin are as follows:. The lagna lord is Mars. Its dispositor is Jupiter.

Mars and Jupiter are in Parivartana in Navamsha! This satisfies Rule 1. Now look for the influence of either Jupiter karaka for 11th house or the lord of 11th house on the Lagna Lord. In this case, Jupiter strongly influences the lagna lord Mars in more than one way:. It always gives great satisfaction when rules formed to demonstrate any Jyotish principle can be applied repeatedly for other applicable charts as well.

This is an endeavour to find the mathematical harmony that Swami Yukteswar is talking about, in the above statement. T he Author is about 49 years old and holds And, in a horoscope, Lagna or Ascendant in a horoscope acts similar to the needle that is a Post Graduate degree in Civil Engineering pointing to North in a compass. He in the chart. If we are able to determine what worked as a Software Engineer for over 22 it is pointing to, it would be possible to years in both Indian as well as large MNC accurately align Lagna to that planet and in companies.

He did on-site software the process we could rectify the birth time development work at Switzerland for a few recording errors and arrive at the actual time years. He took voluntary retirement in of birth. This is the philosophy behind the December Since then, he is pursuing research undertaken. This author strongly believes that for a human birth to take place the study of Astrology which is one of his there has to be some well defined interests.

The author is particularly interested relationship between the position of Lagna in Medical Astrology and has already and that of one of the planets in the chart. Type-II and severe Dandruff problems that After assuming that Lagna is aligned could be identified from natal charts. His to one particular planet in the chart, a other interest being Poetry; has published a question arises as to what are the criteria to poetry collection in local language determine that particular planet.

Obviously, Kannada in In Astrology, we have many parameters and many different scales to compare the relative strengths of different planets. When a planet is most comfortably placed as compared to other planets, that planet is regarded as the best placed planet. And, Lagna gets aligned to that planet.

As each sign is owned by a certain planet and the state of another planet placed there depends on how it relates to the owner of that sign. Hence, one should look at the nature of friendship between planets to determine whether a planet is placed well or not.

Determination of Compound Relationships between planets 1 One should go by the compound relationship between the planets. BPHS states that all planets placed in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th and 12th houses from a planet are its temporary friends. If we think about the reasoning behind such a proposition, it is apparent that planets become temporary enemies when they are very close to each other as their rays interfere with each others or when they are far away from each other as their rays oppose each others.

It appears that this rule is purely based on simple Physics rather than anything else. Normally, astrologers look at the houses mentioned above and take all planets present in those relative positions as temporary friends. Keeping the spirit of the concept, this author humbly proposes a slightly different interpretation of what has been said in BPHS as against what is commonly followed. It is proposed that, if two planets have a longitudinal distance greater than 15 degrees and less than degrees between them irrespective of the signs they occupy , they should be considered as temporary friends.

Here, there is no violation from the essence of what is said in BPHS. The definition for permanent friendships followed here is exactly same as what is given in BPHS. The compound relationship is the resultant of permanent and temporary relationships:. From the above table, we can conclude that a planet placed in the sign of a Close Friend is better placed than a planet placed in the sign of any other compound relationship.

However, there are even better placements for a planet than this. Following is a list of placements ordered from best to worst:.

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There is one very important concept that affects the determination of how a planet is placed in a chart. It is very important to check if a planet is either in Parivartana or in Srinkhala and apply necessary adjustments. Except for considering combustion and effects of other conjunctions and aspects, for other purposes, such a planet should be treated as if it is in its own sign.

That planet should be assigned the better of the two placements. However, one should note that more the planets in Srinkhala, less the effectiveness of Parivartana. A three planet Srinkhala should be definitely considered while a Srinkhala involving more than three planets could be ignored. Planets placed in a Rasi Sandhi or Gandanta are considered to be weak irrespective of their placement status. Even the planets disposited by planets in Rasi Sandhi should be ignored unless they are extremely strong like being Vargottama. Only Exalted or Vargottama planets should be kept in the reckoning even if they are tainted by debilitated planets.

Entire sign in Navamsha is fine, no need to look at specific degrees. One should not disqualify Mercury even when it is deeply combust. And, the planets that are disposited by such combust planets should also be ignored. Ketu by default should be left out as its placement depends on placement of Rahu. Hence, there are only eight planets in the race including Rahu. For Rahu, Taurus should be considered as the sign of exaltation and Scorpio should be considered as the sign of debilitation. Rahu owns Aquarius and Ketu Scorpio.

No need to make any special adjustments for a planet which is retrograde. Care should be taken to verify all such conditions that make a planet weak and ensure that the planet considered is well placed in all respects. After filtering the planets for all their negative qualities, one should look for the planets in the following categories in that order of importance rejecting the others and also rejecting those with other blemishes as described in the above paragraph :.

Vargottama EX or MT 2. Exaltation EX 3. Moola Trikona MT 4. Own OW. One should first look for planets in the number 1 category, if none found, then look for the next best category etc. Some points to note before finalizing the best placed planet:. As a result, there could be some errors in the calculation of Shadbala of those planets. There are other considerations which could affect the Shadbala calculations.

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I mostly wanted to explore an offhand conjecture that there would not be much Scorpio there, by which I mean that I did not expect to see many ascendants, Suns, Moons, or atmakarakas AK in Scorpio for that rarefied group. But I still had, in the back of my mind, these questions, concerns about astrology being mostly bullshit. Dear Alex, I write you as a huge fan of your show, out of all your guests it is Dr. Please contact us for more details, or if you have ideas for collaboration. It appears that one line in this verse is missing. Sun undergoes Parivartana with Mars in Rasi and is in its own sign in Navamsha. Rule C: Again in Ch.

In such conditions, relying fully on the Shadbala could cause problems. Here comes hitherto unknown bit. This might appear a bit strange to some. But, this has been proposed after testing numerous charts for the accuracy of birth time. This step can not be easily done without using software as this is a highly iterative process. This author has used JHora. In JHora, this is. One will see the information like below:. Assuming that Rahu is the best placed planet, one could focus only on the relevant information of this table as below:.

Stop adjusting the birth time once the following configuration is reached:. These alignments are demonstrated below:. Normally, in case of well documented births, such an alignment is seen within a couple of minutes from the recorded birth time. If not, following three situations are possible:.

There is an error in identifying the best placed planet, or b. The given birth time is grossly erroneous, or c. Could be a rare case that fails this theory needs a closer look. The truth of this fact is demonstrated taking examples of some of the well recorded birth details of famous personalities. The given examples could be studied to understand the procedure better as well as a proof that Lagna always points to the best placed planet in the chart.

That is the time when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony resulting in a human birth. This method uses the available birth details and looks for the mathematical harmony between Lagna and another entity in the chart. Hence, is prone to fewer errors. For example, the method gives same rectified time when either Lahiri or Raman Ayanamsha is used.

Here the difference is more than one degree between these two Ayanamshas. Hence, Astrologers can use any Ayanamsha of their choice. However, it should be noted that in some charts, the Navamsha placement of planets when on the border are sensitive to small changes in Ayanamsha and this could hijack the end result. More than charts with well recorded birth times have been tested to see if such an alignment between the Lagna and the best placed planet exists around the given time of birth.

There were only handful of misses and the success rate is exceptional. Those who would like to study this approach in detail are urged not to miss the last example of Jawaharlal Nehru. That example clearly demonstrates the power of this approach. Client Eastwood. However, Mars has a higher Shadbala than Moon. Hence, Mars is the best placed planet in this chart. The birth time that gives the above alignment is Pablo Picasso. Mercury is the best placed planet in the chart. Queen Elizabeth II. Here, there is a tie between Sun and Mars.

However, Mars has higher Shadbala than Sun. Hence, Mars is the winner and is the best placed planet in the chart. Albert Einstein. It also overcomes the blemish due to close conjunction of debilitated Mercury because of that. Here are some famous Indian personalities for whom the birth details available are believed to be accurate. Aligning Lagna with Sun, the rectified birth time will be Hence, it has no blemish of being debilitated in Navamsha. It is the only planet that qualifies. However, considering that the Srinkhala involving 4 planets is not very effective and disqualifying Mars on that ground, yet Mars qualifies as the best placed planet by virtue of having higher Shadbala than all other planets.

Aligning Lagna with Mars, the rectified birth time is Sun undergoes Parivartana with Mars in Rasi and is in its own sign in Navamsha. Hence, Sun is a clear pick. Aligning Lagna with Sun, we have the rectified time as This is a very interesting case to study using the proposed method of Birth Time Rectification. The reason being that there are different views on the correct birth time within a narrow range of about half an hour and it would be interesting to check what the result of rectification indicates.

II — hrs. The second of the above three times is used cast the chart as it is the near average. In any case, nothing much changes in Navamsha for all the three times except Navamsha Lagna which is not relevant to the method being used. Jupiter and Moon both are in their own sign in Rasi and they are in Srinkhala in Navamsha.

Hence, they both behave like Vargottama planets in their own sign. As there is a tie between them, Shadbala comes into picture.

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Clearly, Moon has a much higher Shadbala than that of Jupiter and hence Moon is picked as the best placed planet in this chart. For any other alignment to take place, the rectified time undergoes a drastic change. This is equivalent to hrs IST. It appears that his source is the authentic in this particular case.

It is clear from this example that in case of small errors in recorded birth time, this approach shows the way to narrow down to the likely correct birth time. The above examples demonstrate that there is a clear affinity between Lagna and the best placed planet in the chart. Hence, it is appropriate to conclude that the correct birth time is when the Lagna is perfectly aligned to the best placed planet in the chart. As the news of octuplets birth was breaking, it was indeed interesting to see how to apply this theory for such births.

The birth details are as follows:. It was highly exciting to see that 8 alignments one with each of the 8 planets were available in a span of just 5 minutes, roughly between and ! It is really very rare to get so many alignments in such a short span of time. Count the Suns transit nakshatra to the Moons nakshatra. Jain, India. As per Surya Sidhanta SS by Late Shri Mahabir Prasad Srivastava, the exaltation of planets takes place when they are at maximum distance from the Earth and debilitation is at degrees opposite to them.

SS is considered to be the base of Indian Astrology for astronomical calculations. Reference SS pages 21 to Before proceeding further we have some V. Jain was born in Rewari on 31st Aug definitions and various motions of the Earth. He retired as Audit Officer from the office of the Director General of Audit Aphelion is the farthest point of the orbit Central Revenues and has thereby written of the planet from the Sun. Many of his research papers have been published in various astrological Perigee is the nearest point of the orbit publications.

Line of Apsides is the line joining the Aphelion and Perihelion of the orbit. It is also called Apse Line. Geocentric longitudes are used in Astrology and these are the longitudes of a place in the ecliptic where the planets are seen by an observer as if he is at the centre of the Earth. It is called the diurnal motion of the planets and the Earth.